Rodger Stevens Exhibition: Unique Jewelry as Wearable Sculpture

These pieces of unique jewelry and sculpture by Rodger Stevens are on display now at Marion Cage.

Marion Cage is pleased to present a special exhibition of one-of-a-kind, unique jewelry and sculpture by New York-based artist Rodger Stevens. The exhibition is on view in our Magazine Street gallery in New Orleans through October 6th.

What Brings Rodger Stevens’ Unique Jewelry to Marion Cage?

Rodger Stevens' unique jewelry, such as these bracelets and necklaces, is on display at the Rodger Stevens exhibition at Marion Cage.

When Marion first discovered Rodger’s work, she was immediately struck by its elegance and lyrical quality. Formed through curving, twisting, and forging brass wire, the startling craftsmanship Rodger brings to his work results in objects of exceptional aesthetic and conceptual refinement. Finding congruence with her own work, Marion approached Rodger about carrying some of his smaller sculptures in her gallery.

Smaller sculptures like this are also on display at the Rodger Stevens exhibition at Marion Cage.

More About Rodger Stevens

Rodger Stevens was born in Brooklyn, New York. He remained in New York for school, studying at Pace University, the Parsons School of Design, and the School of Visual Arts. Rodger went on to make a name for himself, creating works of art for numerous private clients and institutional collections. In a brief  film about him, he explains, “I know growing up in Brooklyn and Manhattan I borrowed so much from very ordinary architecture: scaffolding and cranes and fire hydrants and mailboxes and gutters.” While his work is clearly influenced by New York, its elegance and energy have resonated with people all over the United States and the world. Rodger’s art has been displayed around the globe, including such distinguished locations as:

  •   The Whitney Museum of Art
  •   The American Folk Art Museum
  •   The Katonah Museum
  •   The Bristol Museum
  •   Barney's
  •   Sothebys
  •   The New York Children's Museum of Art
  •   The Hangaram Museum of Art in Seoul

Pictured here, the Vicious Infinite Regress Choker by Rodger Stevens is on display now at Marion Cage.Vicious Infinite Regress Choker, Rodger Stevens

Rodger recently turned his attention to jewelry during a four-month residency at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York, so it was only natural for Marion to host a show featuring this exciting new body of work. The necklaces, rings, and bracelets featured in the exhibition embody the same energy and elegance found in Rodger’s unique sculpture.

Rodger Stevens and Marion Cage

Rodger and Marion are truly kindred spirits in terms of their sources of inspiration. Both draw heavily from architecture in their work: Marion, by virtue of her training and background as an architect, and Rodger, through his fascination with the architecture of NYC.

The Adduction Necklace Part II by Rodger Stevens (left) bears several striking similarities to the jewelry of Marion Cage, such as the Peak Rings (right), which illustrate Marion's architectural inspiration.

 Adduction Necklace Part II, Rodger Stevens (left)
Peak Rings, Marion Cage (right)

While Rodger has worked with other materials, wire continues to be his preferred medium. In a 2013 interview, he states, “Wire is such a material: elemental like a pencil line but, with sufficient intervention, fantastically expressive.” With his materials providing so much of his inspiration, it’s easy to see how Rodger developed an interest in creating unique jewelry as a form of artistic expression.

The inspiration Rodger finds in his materials is clear in these necklaces from his collection of unique jewelry.

Marion’s interest in materials, which often serve as a starting point in her design process, is another point of commonality between her and Rodger. To illustrate, consider these side-by-side images of Rodger’s forged earrings and Marion’s own drawn pendant.

The Dodging Raindrops Earrings by Rodger Stevens (left) are on display now at Marion Cage, and the Drawn Pendant by Marion Cage (right) is for sale now online or in our store.

Dodging Raindrops Earrings, Rodger Stevens (left)
Drawn Pendant, Marion Cage (right)

Visit the Rodger Stevens Exhibition at Marion Cage Before It’s Gone

At Marion Cage, discovering and sharing the work of other artists alongside our own is one of our passions. We invite you to visit our gallery, located at 3807 Magazine Street in New Orleans, LA. We are open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, where a constantly evolving and curated selection of work is on view. You can also shop or contact Marion Cage anytime online.

Visit these and more pieces of unique jewelry from Rodger Stevens now through September 1st at Marion Cage.

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