About the designer

Marion's diverse skillset encompasses industrial design, architecture and a self-taught mastery of metalsmithing.

Working for visionary architects such as Zaha Hadid and Bernard Tschumi, contributed to her multi-disciplinary approach to design and a passion for creating led her to explore the worlds of jewelry, hardware, lighting and furniture design.

Blending artistry and design, her work occupies the unique intersection where sculptural form becomes functional art.


Marion works closely with a team of skilled artisans and craftspeople to bring her projects to life.

These relationships, built on mutual respect and creative exchange, are instrumental in keeping these hand crafted specialties alive.

The collaborative exchange that occurs between designer and craftsperson is an integral part of Marion's creative process in that it enriches both her work and her heart.



Marion's work is a fusion of contemporary design and traditional craft.

Each design is made using traditional techniques such as lost wax casting, and with noble materials including precious metals, bronze, brass, and exotic hardwoods.

We believe that the beauty of something handmade is uniquely unparalleled because of its ability to convey the intention, passion and humanity of its maker.

Custom and Commissioned Designs

From initial sketch to final product, each of our designs is a carefully considered work of functional art.

Get in touch to learn how we can work with you to bring a custom project to life.

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Architectural Design Services

Marion is a licensed architect with extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects and has a unique talent for breathing new life into historic architecture.

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