black diamond arabesque earrings and pendant on model


Inspired by the decorative motifs of Mughal architecture, arabesque celebrates the graphic beauty and classic geometry inherent to these culturally rich symbols.
group of hardware from the camille collection


Camille fuses the sensibilities of contemporary, minimalist design with the warmth and tradition of lost wax casting fabrication and materials. Subtle curves and surface details make these designs timeless and well suited to both traditional as well as contemporary interiors.
headshot of designer, Jennifer Dawes

Dawes Design

Jewelry that celebrates and masterfully combines color, texture, and geometries with a deep commitment to sustainable mining and sourcing.

A master of layering color texture in her designs, Jennifer Dawes is also passionate about accountability.  Each stone is carefully chosen, not only for its beauty and quality but also for its provenance. She uses only ethically sourced metal and gemstones and is deeply committed to ensuring that her jewelry is not only beautiful but “conflict-free”.

tanzanite and rose gold ring with loosed tanzanite stones


Color and bold geometry combine in our first collection featuring colored gemstones and 18 karat gold. Each carefully composed piece, unique and one-of-a-kind, is destined to become a future heirloom.
14k gold lettres initial pendants on model


a collaboration with painter Jill Moser, the Lettres collection is the 26 letters of the alphabet as pendants in editions of silver and 14 karat gold, designed using the painter’s original brushstrokes as inspiration. 
lis dangle earrings on model


Architectural lines and elegant proportions give the Lis collection a classic yet contemporary feel.  These pieces exude a timeless elegance that defies trends and makes a bold statement.
narmada hardware group


Inspired by the sculptural beauty of Shiva Lingam stones that are naturally carved in the bed of the Narmada river in northern India, Narmada embodies a deep admiration for forms found in nature. The collection celebrates the juxtaposition of materials - cast metal, carved wood, and stone such that each design is imbued with a sense of richness and depth.
rose cut ruby earrings


We only do these once (hence the name) so they are pretty special. Often designed around a special stone(s), they are each like tiny works of art.
ingot knob in satin bronze


Peak, inspired in part by the geometries Marion was first introduced to while working in the office of the late Zaha Hadid, evokes the faceted forms of jewelry and the clean lines of architecture. The collection was named in honor of Hadid’s groundbreaking design for the Peak Athletic Club in Hong Kong.
Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

Express yourself, celebrate a loved one, or both! Our personalized jewelry collections enable the wearer to create a unique, signature look that is all their own and truly meaningful.
detail on plombe hardware wood samples


Plombe, inspired by a collection of antique plumb bobs the designer inherited from her grandfather, is an opulent mix of metals and exotic hardwoods - Gabon ebony paired with polished black nickel and Bolivian rosewood with rose-hued bronze, to name a few.
layered point necklaces draped on model


Delicate yet dangerous, the point collection explores the darker side of femininity.  Mixed metals and provocative forms combine to create just the right amount of edge.
headshot of designer, Polly Wales

Polly Wales

Fine jewelry that is akin to a kind of exquisite archaeology, this is fine jewelry that eschews convention and is at once timeless and completely modern

Polly’s work is truly wearable art and is instantly recognizable for its unique, rough luxe. Rooted in irreverence for conventional luxury, her designs are equal parts earthy and extravagant and truly speak to the way modern women want to wear jewelry.   

14k gold ridge band

Rebecca Overmann

Contemporary bridal and commitment rings handcrafted, using ethically sourced precious metal and gemstones.

Sculptural forms born of hand-carved wax and adorned with carefully selected, ethically mined gemstones…These are the signatures of Rebecca Overmann’s subtle yet stunning designs.  With a focus of on contemporary and alternative bridal, she is our go-to for those seeking to break from traditional engagement and commitment rings.

headshot of designer, Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson

Unique, masterfully crafted jewels that evoke natural forms and evince an otherworldly beauty.

Reminiscent of sunken treasures, Ruth Tomlinson’s designs are at once contemporary and timeless. Drawing inspiration from historical forms of adornment as well as natural world, Ruth crafts modern heirlooms that speak softly through the subtle beauty of their color and texture

double sliver earrings on model


The Sliver collection began as an exploration of the play between planar geometries. The result is a series of sensuous curves that accentuate the body with subtle mixes of metals and finishes. 
swell stacking rings on model


Sculptural, organic forms are the foundation of our Swell collection.  Each piece, thoughtfully designed with particular attention to how it rests when worn, is jewelry as architecture, with the body as its landscape.

wood and bronze totem pendant on model


Bold, elemental forms and materials coalesce into designs imbued with an earthy elegance.  The Totem collection is wearable sculpture.