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Best Earrings for New Piercings

The best earrings for new piercings are small and hypoallergenic, such as these gorgeous gold earrings from Marion Cage.

Whether you have just had your ears pierced for the very first time or you are adding more piercings to your ears, proper post-piercing ear care and the right choice in starter earrings are essential for healing comfortably. At Marion Cage, we frequently host piercing events with a licensed ear piercer, and we also offer a variety of beautiful earrings perfect for new piercings. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about upcoming piercing events, and make sure you follow these important guidelines for caring for your ears and choosing the best earrings for new piercings.

How to Care for Your Ears

Proper ear care starts with a safe, professional piercing. That’s why we always book a licensed ear piercer for our piercing events. We also employ the safest, least painful method of ear piercing: surgical steel needle piercing. By using a sterile, hypoallergenic needle, our piercer can make a smaller, safer, more precise hole in your ear, adding the starter stud after the hole is made. By contrast, piercing guns make larger, more painful holes by forcing the stud into your ear. In addition, while piercing guns can be disinfected, they cannot be sterilized. This is why the Association of Professional Piercers always recommends needles over guns.

After your ears have been safely pierced, use these guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology to help prevent infection and care for any new ear piercings:

  • Wash your hands before touching your ears. Lather with soap for 20 seconds and be sure to clean every part of your hands.
  • Clean your ears at least once per day using soap and water. You should also apply the cleaning solution provided by the piercing shop or rubbing alcohol using a cotton pad or ball twice daily. Clean both the front and back of your ears around the piercings.
  • Leave earrings in for at least six weeks, day and night. Do not change out your starter earrings for any other earrings before then, or your piercings may close up.
  • Twist your earrings back and forth in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion several times each day.
  • Avoid swimming in pools, lakes, or other bodies of water that may be prone to harboring harmful bacteria.

Best Earrings for New Piercings

At Marion Cage, our best earrings for new piercings include these beautiful stud earrings, which are hypoallergenic and fashionable for everyday wear.

Starter earrings can be made from any number of different hypoallergenic metals. Surgical stainless steel and titanium are the least expensive hypoallergenic earrings. But because you’ll need to leave your starter earrings in your ears all day and night for at least six weeks, you may want to invest in a pair you really like. Genuine gold, sterling silver, and vermeil gold earrings are great hypoallergenic options for starter earrings that look beautiful on any occasion.

Earrings from Marion Cage: Perfect for Newly Pierced Ears

Once your ears have healed and you can begin transitioning to regular earrings, you should first wear small earrings, preferably studs, that are made from sterling silver or gold for at least the next three months. Inexpensive earrings can be colorful, trendy, and fun to wear, but you risk getting an infection if you try to wear cheap earrings too soon. You can, however, transition to wearing many of the small sterling silver and gold earrings from Marion Cage after your starter earring phase has completed. Marion Cage offers a selection of beautiful, fashion-forward, and stylish earrings to frame your face and complement your favorite outfits.

Pod Studs

For a modern, sculptural take on the classic teardrop stud, take a look at our Pod Studs, which make great earrings for new piercings.

Simple with a soft, organic feel, Marion Cage's Pod Studs offer a modern, sculptural take on the classic teardrop stud. They are available in matte sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, and they look great worn as a pair or as a single earring (if you have a single piercing) alongside another pair.

Ankole Studs

Once you start transitioning to regular earrings, you want something timeless that you can wear day and night. Enter the Ankole Studs from Marion Cage, one of our best earrings for new piercings.

Sophisticated and with just the right edge, Marion Cage’s Ankole Studs are available in three sizes as well as with white pave diamonds. Timeless in both size and style, the smallest option is ideal for transitioning from the starter earring phase, and it’s the perfect stud earring for everyday wear.

Geo Spinel Studs

For earrings just as unique as you, Marion Cage's Geo Spinel Studs feature two unique and slightly irregular spinel stones.

Looking for a one of a kind? The Geo Spinel Studs by Marion Cage feature two unique and slightly irregular spinel stones, making these earrings distinct and architectural. The rosy pink stones and 18k yellow gold earrings complement every complexion.

Shop Earrings and Jewelry from Marion Cage

Marion Cage earrings are each crafted by hand in our New Orleans studio. Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic metals, our small sterling silver and gold earrings are the perfect earrings for new piercings. Shop for your earrings and an abundance of other stunning jewelry today. If you’re interested in attending one of our piercing events, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events.

Contact Marion Cage online or call us at 504-891-8848 if you have any questions or would like to know more about our best earrings for new piercings.

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